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Family-owned Kratom nursery based on the Texas Coast

Texas Kratom Co. is a coastal Kratom nursery that is passionate about growing Kratom. We specialize in the cultivation and propagation of Mitragyna speciosa. We offer high quality genetics at exceptional prices. Our fully rooted Kratom clones are sourced from our 5 year old mother trees and maintain the age, maturity, and genetics of the parent they were cloned from.

In addition, we provide seed-grown Kratom trees to assure genetic diversity and variation. Our mother trees and seed pods were sought out and selected from the highest quality Kratom trees in various regions across Southeast Asia and are now grown here in the USA on Galveston Island, TX. We continue the pursuit to source rare Kratom phenotypes and make them available to our customers here in the USA.

Replacement/Refund Policy Every Tree ordered has a 30-day replacement policy. If you follow our procedure exactly and your tree does not make it, we will send you a brand new tree. All sales are final and no refunds are given.

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