Sumatra and Borneo (2-Plant Package)

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2 seed-grown Kratom trees from the Island of Sumatra and the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Each seedling is 5-6” tall with at least 2 sets of leaves. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

2 reviews for Sumatra and Borneo (2-Plant Package)


    As a consumer, the level of customer service from Texas Kratom Co. is UNMATCHED. I originally bought 5 plants from Texas Kratom Co, and assumed I was rolling the dice. I was dead wrong. Before my plants had even shipped I had direct communication with Clark, and he explained everything in detail. Upon the actual arrival of the plants, I was genuinely impressed with the level of care taken to ship them to me. Because of said special attention, my seedlings acclimated incredibly fast and have amazed me with their vitality and vigor. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase and already have plans to purchase more. Texas Kratom Co is the ONLY online vendor that I trust, and I’m looking forward to working closely with them in the future.

  2. Andrew Springer (verified owner)

    I bought this two pack and they arrived completely happy and healthy.

    They were packaged in a sturdy unmarked package and were unharmed by transit.

    I followed his instructions and they are doing great. I am going to get more when I can so I can start my own little forest 🙂

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