Sumatra Kratom Seeds

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40 individual Kratom seeds for $30 from the Island of Sumatra

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These very rare seed pods were picked from an old Kratom tree located deep in the jungle on the Island of Sumatra and won’t be available very long due to limited quantity and high demand. Our Sumatra seeds have an 80-90% germination success rate. When stored correctly, Kratom seeds can last several months (7 months+) before going bad. Make sure to store your seeds in a dry, dark place and kept in an air tight container. It is also recommended to purchase some desiccant packs to assure maximum shelf life of the seeds. We confirm every batch of seeds are viable before they are placed on the menu, so there are no refunds after seeds have been delivered. Make sure to follow our Kratom Seed Germination Procedure located on our Kratom Resources tab!

*For wholesale Kratom seed pricing, please submit a contact form with your inquiry.

1 review for Sumatra Kratom Seeds

  1. Will J.

    Was stoked to find out a Kratom nursery was located within 20 minutes from my house! Picked up the Sumatra seeds and now have over 25 Kratom trees growing strong. Thanks Clark for your insight and great customer service!

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